Dream with your Dragon

Here is another Dragon Sleep meditation based on those you will read about in my metaphysical fantasy series: Dragons and Visions. These are intended to be fun so have fun with it. However don’t be surprised if your imagined dragon speaks with you or you get inspired with a great idea. All meditation exercises are beneficial, even fun ones like this.

This time your are going to ask your inner dragon to help you with your dreams.

Dream with your Dragon

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.

Sit with a straight back. Don’t slouch or the dragon may mistake you for a snake. (Remember, dragons and serpents don’t get along.)

Inhale deeply and slowly.

Exhale all the way.

Repeat two more times.

Imagine you are in an empty space, No objects, no light, no sound.

Take three more deep breaths.

Imagine the empty space becoming brighter, dim at first and gradually increasing in brightness until it is like  daylight.

You still see nothing other than this bright empty space.

Take three more deep breaths.
dream-big-ppt-titleNow picture a giant red eye appearing in front of you.

Relax. Take a deep breath and relax.

The giant red eye grows into a head of a dragon.

What colour is the dragon?

See it grow into a full sized dragon. Now you can see its back and tail, its wings and feet. As it sits watching you it exhales smoke from its nose. It raises one eyebrow and asks you, “What is your name?”

Tell the dragon your name.

Ask the dragon its name.

Now tell the dragon about your dream. Keep in mind that words like “not”, “never”and “nothing” make dragons cough, and you know what happens when dragons cough.

Tell your dream in positive terms as if it has already happened and you already have what you want.

As you describe the details of your dream notice how this makes the dragon smile. Tell it more and it will laugh with you over your success.

Now ask the dragon what you need to stop doing which is hindering your dream from becoming reality. Take note of the first thing which enters your mind.

Next ask the dragon what is the next best thing you can do to make your dream come closer. Again take note of the first thought which enters your mind.

Remember, dragons love treasure so they are happy to answer any questions about treasure, gold and money.

If you want tell the dragon what you are afraid of today. This dragon is your friend and it will protect you. Fire breathing dragonWatch it stand up and blow smoke off to the side and watch as the smoke takes the form of the thing you are afraid of. Now the dragon takes a deep breath and blows out a powerful blast of fire and annihilates the image of fear.

The dragon sits down again with a big smile. “Now your fear is gone,” it says.

Thank the dragon.

Gradually dim the light of the dragon space. Make it darker and darker and say good-bye to the dragon.

As the space becomes dark take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Then speak these words:

One, two, three, let it be.

And wake up back in your quiet space where you started.

Remember to write down the thoughts which you received and act on them.

How we stayed together for 36 years

Some people have asked how I managed to stay married to my wife, Katharina, for so long. In September this year (2016) we celebrated thirty-six happy years together. So how did we do it? What are our secrets? Well here they are.

(Strange thing is that the first letters of these 5 headings spell the German word “sanft” which means “gentle” which kind of sums up what I am saying here.)


img_6873What we decided on from day one was sharing. It wasn’t even an issue. We were married, sharing our lives together and sharing bank accounts was just a natural next step. There was no “my” money even though at times I was the sole earner. My earnings were for the family and if I needed something we had to look at our finances as much as we did for anything needed by the family. This of course requires the fifth secret in this list. Without trust none of this is going to work.

But we shared more than our finances. We shared our time together. Romance doesn’t die when a couple gets married. Many couples make that mistake and allow daily routine and familiarity to get in the way of romance. Romance is something which needs to be worked on all the time. We need to constantly remind ourselves to take time off to do something together, even if that is simply going for a walk or watching a movie. Going for meals or breakfast is also something we love to do or to get away for the weekend to some place away from home, and it doesn’t need to be far.


Agreeing is one of the things which causes a lot of distraught amongst couples. But there are two things which we did agree on from the start:

  1. Never go to bed without making up after a fight or argument. Never, ever let the day end with a strife spoiling the mood or taking away your smile. This wasn’t always easy but with this rule the next day was sure to begin on a positive footing.
  2. Always agree with what we tell our children. This is a big one and the cause of much strife among young parents. One parent tells the child one thing and the child goes to the other parent who tells them something else. Children are very clever at playing their parents against each other. They don’t mean bad it’s just their way of trying to get what they want. We always made sure not to contradict each other in front of the children. When a child came to ask our permission to do something we always asked, “What did Daddy say?” “What did Mummy say?” That way the children seen us as a united unit and not as two sides at disparity with each other. This formula also provides opportunity to discuss with the children about the ins and outs of whatever issue is on the table and allows us as a family to come to a united decision.

Not being right

This is one which took me nearly twenty years to understand. Granted this realisation came after a time of immense stress and change in our family which resulted in many disputes, not always so discreet in front of our teenage sons. But two people will never see eye to eye in everything. Each individual sees the world through their own eyes, coloured by their own experiences and perceptions. No two people are going to agree one hundred percent in all things.

So I realised, even if I was convinced that I was right, that being right was less important than my relationship with my wife. Once I came to that understanding I do not any more allow a disagreement get out of hand. It is better to simply drop the subject rather than argue it out to the point of falling out or ending up upset. Being right leads to conflict, not being right leads to harmony.


img_6652Many couples suffer from a lack of trust and therefore want to restrict their partner’s freedom. They don’t like their partner going out without them. They want them at home or together where they can see what’s going on. We have always allowed each other to pursue whatever activities we wanted, as long as the sharing and romance was given its place. Having friends and doing things with those friends is important. Of course, being in a relationship where two people are living together and sharing their lives together does mean there will be changes. Accepting those changes while at the same time allowing freedom allows for a balanced relationship which will last.


Here is the pinnacle of everything else in relationships, trust. If you can’t trust your partner then find another partner. In other words if you already mistrust your girl friend or boy friend then then this will only interfere when you do begin to live together. Trust is essential in any relationship. You must trust your partner to be the person they are, and trust the love you have for each other to be the magnet which binds you together. Not trusting your loving partner is a betrayal of that love and setting yourself on a higher pedestal than your partner. Trust in equality and freedom of expression and you will continue to have a long and happy relationship in spite of little differences along the way.


The Trump and Hillary Paradox

Bildergebnis für elections usa clintonAll of the United States of America are very busy at this time deciding who they want as president and pointing fingers of accusation at the other side. As we observe from across the Atlantic we can can see very clearly what is going on. As I repeatedly say, if you want to know what a person thinks then don’t listen to what they say about themselves, rather listen to what they say about their opponents.

The Pointing Finger

Everyone has heard the old saying: a pointing finger has three pointing back the other way. And a much ignored and often misinterpreted, straightforward quote from the Bible says the same thing: Judge not that you be not judged. It is true, and I didn’t understand this fully until confronted by a man who began pointing his finger at me with all sorts of ridiculous accusations. But as I listened to his rants I realised that every accusation was a description of what he himself was doing.

This was a great lesson in human understanding. It has also made me aware of my own accusations. I avoid them and rather look inward at what may be there that I don’t like. As I look around and listen to conversations I see this is true every time. Let me say that again: I see this as true EVERY TIME. It is as true amongst your family and friends as it is from the pulpits and especially in the political scene.

Trump is America, Hillary a Lie

It is obvious, is it not, even in the politics of your own country, that the promises made by the candidates are rarely ever fulfilled. The present establishment of presidents and prime ministers is under the control of hidden forces. Britain and Europe are continually coerced by the big bully USA to change their laws and go to wars to suit the USA, whether or not it suits us or not. We all know, do we not, that the whole presidential show in America is a farce, and how that falseness has been thrown into the open in this 2016 election year.

So if Hillary represents the lies of America, supported by those who wear a mask hiding their true colours, and playing the game of being nice to hide their violent destruction around the world, then who does Trump represent? The media is taking Trump to town right now over some lewd comments about women, yet this is the country where “Fifty Shades of Grey” not only became a best selling novel but was made into a movie for American’s to watch. Do you see the Pointing Finger paradox?

Bildergebnis für elections usaIt seems to me, and I do not spend time listening to Trump or Hillary, but I occasionally see how others are reacting and commenting, that Trump is removing the mask of America. Everything he stands for and says is at the heart of America. And those who stand in fierce denial are denying their own pitiful state of morals.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not for Trump, not any more than I am for Hillary. I simply point out the paradox of the blame game. As you look around you and listen to people talk, whether it is in the pub, at work, on the street or on TV, you will see clearly that every time someone accuses another that they are revealing something deep within themselves.

For a Better World

Rather than get upset over what other’s are saying let us do better. Stop blaming others for your situation. Stop blaming others for being or doing what you don’t like. Start today to look inward and to see what you don’t like there. Use your own pointing finger to look back at yourself to see what you don’t like in you, and then live better. For a better world love and never blame.

Reincarnation and Abuse

My next book is poised to cause a storm. It follows the awakening experiences of a woman who has suffered a life of abuse, both physical and sexual.

Everywhere I look and everywhere I go I meet abused women. Statistics estimate that a third of women worldwide suffer abuse, mostly from people they know like their husbands or partners. These are only estimate figures because many women never talk about it.

white-water-lily-flower-lake-wallpaper-1920x1200-750x469Many women get help and are prompted by friends to leave, others are too afraid to leave. Many women who do get out find themselves repeating the whole process with another man, and another. They think it will never happen again and it does, only it is worse than before.

Sometimes those women, in a repeating pattern of abuse, wake up and realise that they are responsible and they are the only ones who can break the pattern. Hilda, the main protagonist in my next novel, is one such woman.

Abused by a drunken father, later by her brothers, Hilda runs away only to repeatedly find herself falling in love with who would later become her next abuser. A dream leads her to a hypnotherapist where she slowly comes to understand that her abuse is a vibration which she has carried over from previous lives.

DSC_0028The turning point, that moment when a woman realises that she is doing this to herself and that she can break the cycle, is different for every woman. Will you share your turning point? What was your prime motivation to turn your life around? What qualities do you now enjoy in the man in your new life? Do you feel that your cycle of abuse may have originated from a past life?

Share your thoughts here or send a private message.

Hilda’s story may be fiction but I feel it represents a major number of women today and throughout history. It will be dedicated to women everywhere who have taken a stand for their own self-esteem and worthy being.

The Bear in the Desert

A story about diversity, acceptance and living our purpose, for children of all ages.
by Jim Murdoch

Once upon a time there was a little bear who lived in a desert. I know, you would expect a bear to live in the woods on in the mountains. But this little bear lived in the desert, all alone, except, that is, for his little friend, the spider. Now you wouldn’t expect a spider to live in the desert either, would you? And how did these two out of place creatures end up in a desert, you might ask? Well we’ll get to that.
Anyway, here they were, a little bear and a spider, all alone in a desert wondering what to do in this vast expanse of sand.
“I know what we can do?” said the spider. Bear called the spider, Spider, and Spider called the bear, Bear. So we’ll continue to call them Spider and Bear from now on.
“I know what we can do?” said Spider. Yes, I know I said that already, but just in case you forgot I repeated it.
“What,” said a tired little Bear, lying in the sun with his nose in the sand. It tickled his nose and made him sneeze blowing sand all over Spider and the length of web she had just spun out to a nearby twig sticking out of the sand.
“Oh, bother, Bear. My web is sandy now. I’ll have to throw this away and spin another bit.” Spider was quite annoyed because spiders were usually quite careful not to waste any web. They would always eat what they couldn’t use anymore.
“I’m sorry,” said Bear, sitting up and rubbing the sand from his nose. “But this sand gets everywhere. It gets into my ears, into my nose, into my mouth, and even into my,”
“Ahem!” interrupted Spider. She was a lady spider and didn’t care for such vulgar topics.
Bear wondered what was wrong then proceeded to scratch sand out of his fur.
“As I was saying before you ruined my perfectly new strand of web, I know what we can do?”
“You said that already,” said Bear, rubbing the fur on his belly.

Spider opened her mouth to say something rude but changed her mind.Spider
“Well I am going to tell you what we can do,” she said as she cast another sticky strand over to the twig. It wrapped itself around the tiny twig and stuck. Spider pulled until it was tight then cast another strand over to a pebble in the sand. After a few minutes Spider had spun a web and took her place in its centre.
“There,” she said with pride. “Now we can catch a fly and eat it for lunch. Just then a big black and blue fly flew around Bear’s head three times and flew straight into Spider’s web. Spider jumped into action. She raced to the fly, bit it, paralysing it, spun a few strands around its body, tying its wings to its side so it couldn’t fly away, then proceeded to bite off the bits of web holding the fly to the web while at the same time spinning it around while wrapping more and more web around its body.
Bear was fascinated to watch Spider at work.
“Now it’s all ready,” said Spider excitedly. “Want some?” And she started to suck at the dying fly.
“Yuck,” said Bear, holding his paw to his mouth. Bears don’t eat flies,” he said and walked away so as not to see what Spider was doing.
“What do you eat then?” asked Spider.
“Berries, fruit, fish, roots of plants, oh and I love grub.”
“Grub?” squealed Spider. “You mean the larvae of insects?”
“Yep. Those are very juicy and make me feel strong.”
“I don’t know how you could even think of eating such a thing,” said Spider, shivering so that her web shook making her bounce this way and that way.
“I don’t think about eating,” said Bear, wondering why on earth anyone would want to think about eating. “I just eat them.”
“Oh dear, Bear.” Spider was exasperated. “Eating must be contemplated. It needs planning and a lot of preparation. There is a lot of thinking goes into eating. You really should try it. It makes eating much more enjoyable.”
Bear stopped scratching and looked at Spider. “Think about eating?” he thought aloud. “OK, I’ll try.” So Bear closed his eyes and thought about eating. He thought about eating honey, catching and eating fish, eating the nuts which squirrels hid in the ground, plucking berries from bushes and eating them, and his favourite, digging the soil for juicy grubs and eating those.
“Ooh,” said Bear, rubbing his tummy.
“What’s the matter?” asked Spider.
“All this thinking about eating is making me hungry.” Bear’s tummy rumbled like rocks rolling down a gravel slope.
“What’s that noise?” asked Spider looking around for a hill where rocks could roll down.
“That’s my tummy rumbling.”
“Oh. That’s a silly thing for a tummy to do. Why does it do that?”
“Because it wants food.”
“Spiders don’t have rumbling tummies. We just sit and wait for our food to come to us and it always does.”
“I’ve been sitting here for ages and no food has come my way,” complained Bear, rubbing his tummy some more.
“That’s because you don’t have a web,” said Spider eyeing another delicious fly flying nearby.
“Bears can’t make webs.”
“Then how on earth do you catch your food?” Spider laughed. She simply couldn’t imagine catching food any other way. What a strange bear Bear was.
Bear stood on all four paws, thought for about half a second, then said, “I’ll show you.”
He then proceeded to scrape and dig at the sand, sniffing with his nose and digging some more, sniffing a little and digging some more. After what seemed like an eternity for Spider, Bear yelped with excitement as he plunged his paw into the hole in the sand and pulled out two wriggling grubs.
“Ugh,” cringed Spider.
“Oh,” said Spider as she watched Bear lick his paws and swallow the grubs in a gulp.
“Now that was good, but I’m still hungry,” Bear said.
Just then it began to rain sand. Sand poured down from the sky like an avalanche.
“Hey, Bear, watch out for my web. It’s getting all sandy.”
“I’m not doing that,” said Bear trying to shield his eyes from the flying sand.
The downpour of sand stopped. There in front of Bear and Spider stood a little puppy dog, tongue hanging, tail wagging and panting like he had just run a mile in the sand.

“So you spread all that sand over us,” said Spider. Dog, for that’s what Bear and Spider decided to call the puppy dog, yelped, spun around and kicked some sand with his back paw.
“Such a silly dog, Dog,” said Spider, looking at her ruined web. “Why would anyone want toPuppy Dog spray sand in the air? Don’t you know that it will come down again on our heads?”
Dog bounced and wagged his tail, yelped and said, ”Fun!” Then he ran in circles around where Bear stood and Spider sat on her web. “Fun, fun, fun,” said Dog.
Bear thought that was fun and danced around like Dog. But after a few seconds he grew tired and sat down beside Spider.
“Phew,” Bear said. “This fun is much too tiring. It makes me hungrier.”
“All that waste of energy,” said Spider, “When he could be building a web.” Spider was busy tearing down the sandy web and planning the next one.
“Maybe dogs don’t build webs either,” said Bear, laying his chin on his paws.
“Don’t be ridiculous,” said Spider, sending out the new strands for the best web ever. “Do you suppose Dog digs for his food like a bear. Ha!” Spider laughed at the idea. Having one creature digging for grubs was quite bad enough, two creatures digging for food was preposterous.
“Hey, Dog,” called Bear to the dog. “How do you get your food?” Dog looked at Bear, looked at Spider, yelped and turned and ran away over the hill of sand. Bear wanted to see where Dog was going so he scrambled up the sandy hill with Spider on his back and they watched as Dog ran and ran until he came to a group of strange creatures who walked on their hind legs and had no fur. One of them took something and gave it to Dog. Bear was amazed, these stand up creatures give the dog food. Dog doesn’t even need to dig for it. And he doesn’t even need a web to catch it. Dog ran with something in his mouth back to Bear and Spider and set the odd looking food on the sand.
Bear looked at it and sniffed. “That smells nice. What is it?”
“Biscuit!” yelped Dog.
Spider walked over and tapped it. “Completely inedible,” she said.
Bear was about to grab the biscuit but Dog took it whole in his mouth and munched it till he had eaten all of it.
One of the stand up creatures called out. Dog’s ears perked. “Master,” he said, “give food.” He danced and spun and ran off back to his master.
“Huh,” said Bear. “I wish a master would give me food.” Bear looked around. From the hill he could see lots of stand up creatures, little ones and big ones. And there was water. Lots of water. And on the other side there were trees, lots of trees.
“This desert is not so big,” said Bear.
“Let’s go over to those trees,” said Spider. “I can build a really big web there and catch lots of flies.”
So Bear, carrying Spider on his back, walked away from the tiny desert by the sea back into the woods from where he wandered only a short time ago. He walked with Spider on his back sniffing the air as they went.
“I smell berries,” he said. Then he stopped.
“Why are you stopping?” asked Spider. She had spied a lovely tree with long branches and already was planning how she would build her grandest of all webs on it.
“I am thinking,” said Bear.
“About eating?” asked Spider.
“Yes. Isn’t it funny how all creatures eat different food, and isn’t it peculiar how each creature gets its food different from the others?”
“Yes, I had noticed,” said spider now with a complete plan of her new web in her head. “But I really must get building my web. Can you walk me closer to that big tree, please?”
“OK,” said Bear who was quite tired from all that thinking and the smell of berries was almost overwhelming. “And I need to find those berries, I’m hungry.”

Have you lived before?

Have you ever had that feeling that you have been here before? You have one of those so called déjà vu sensations, a feeling that something about the current situation is familiar. Usually it is only a moment then it is gone, but it leaves you with a curious feeling – this isn’t the first time you have experienced the situation.

In the new book which I am currently writing reincarnation plays an important role in the story. A dream starts Hilda on a quest to grasp the abuse she has suffered since she was a child. A hypnotherapist session reveals, instead of explaining the dream, her life as a French man in 18th century Paris. Her life takes a turn as chance meetings, her own past and her pasts lives bring first turmoil before they begin to make sense. Hilda finds herself on a road of discovery of who she really is and that her past does not define her.

The dream is an actual dream which I had and gave it to the character Hilda as the catalyst for her life altering journey. I had another dream which I also lent to Hilda, only that one has no major significance except that it lends itself to interpretation. What are dreams? Have you ever wondered that? In our sleep we see strange scenes which often make no sense and are so mixed up they have no place in our reality. At other times we dream of events as characters in another time and place, clear and sequential with a story line, yet not belonging to our present life experience at all.

Most ancient teachings refer to humans as having many lives. Religions teach it. Even the Bible relates to people coming again in another life, yet in spite of this theology denies reincarnation.

When you talk about reincarnation you must also talk about karma. A modern term for karma in the Law of Attraction although some will teach that the Law of Attraction relates only to this life. It is the law which determines what you experience. You can attract good or bad depending on how you feel, think and act. Well Karma is kind of an extension of that only continuing into other lives.

reincarnation-awakeningThis, in my mind, means that we have an existence outside of ourselves, beyond our physical bodies. We have a higher part, a spirit, which exists independent of the body we now occupy. This then leads to the idea of pre-incarnation or predestination, the idea that certain circumstances are planned or arranged beforehand. Some say we even choose our parents and our name.

The most important outcome of living over and over again is to grow in experience and to learn love and positivity. This is the most important lesson in life no matter what you believe.

What are your thoughts? Would you read my new book? Share your thoughts below and keep it friendly.

An Author In Your Midst

You are travelling in a train, a plane or even on a ship. Across from you is someone tapping away on their laptop computer. What are they doing? What do they need to write so urgently it can’t wait till they are in the office? Have you ever wondered what people are writing?

If you happen to see me on the train from Chur to Zurich or back you will very likely see me with my golden MacBook computer typing furiously away. What am I writing, you might ask. Well right now I am writing this blog on the train. But usually when I am typing I am adding to my next novel.

Swiss TrainI have often wondered when another passenger sits beside me if they eavesdrop on my writing. What do they think if they see lines which read: “You will do what I say, sister dear. Ten thousand quid or we start bringing customers.” Or what about, “You want you’re stick, do you? Here, then, have it, you baby killer.” What plays in the minds of my uninvited readers?

When I am writing, even on a crowded train, my mind takes me on a journey and I don’t know where it will take me. I can become oblivious to my surroundings as I focus on what transpires in the words on my screen. Occasionally I may take a think break and look around me. A woman sitting opposite has a yellow cord leading up to earphones. What is she listening to? Music or a talk? The conductor passes by checking our tickets. A man sleeps in the opposite compartment. Another lady thumbs on her mobile phone. Outside green fields, trees and misty mountains pass by.

Sometimes I get a spark of inspiration or I take note of an interesting character. You never know when you might end up in a writer’s work!

Writing has become my passion. I love it when a story reveals itself to me. It is as if a channel has opened up in my head and some super-computer is downloading the story into my mind. Usually I don’t know exactly what will transpire, but when I begin writing the story continues to unfold. I may have ideas and write these down in my notes, but not every idea is used in the story. Like I said, the story often tells itself.

Next time you see someone profusely writing away be on your best behaviour. That may be an author looking for some interesting characters for his novel.

What do a pillar, a dream and an ancient battle have in common?

Forthill Gate

This is Forthill in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, and it sets the scene for the opening of my new novel. Under the Cole Monument, that white tower with the statue of a man on top, is a suspected ancient throne of an eternal queen. Eternal because she was crowned after she died in a battle. This battle happened a long time ago, in a history long forgotten in a time before our history began.

Hilda is a social worker in Belfast. She works saving children from abuse in order to make sense of her own abusive past. Then she has a dream. The dream is so vivid and strange. At the same time an abusive father gets let off the hook and his children are returned to the family home. This and the dream drives Hilda to find out why. A friend suggests hypnotherapy.

Under hypnosis she discovers a past life which reveals some things she isn’t prepared for. Could this really be her in a previous life? As she struggles with comprehending this unbelievable possibility things begin to happen by chance which leads her to an archaeological dig at Forthill where the chief archaeologist hopes to find the throne of a queen who resembles the queen of Hilda’s dream.

Has she had a dream of true events which actually happened? Why is she drawn so much to the archaeologist when she has sworn never again to go into a relationship? Could her past lives have anything to do with her abusive past? More questions seem to arise than are answered as Hilda explores the ancient past and her own past to find any links. Then, just as things are getting more mysterious, her past confronts her in a dangerous situation.

Will Hilda find resolve for her own life? Will she finally find the key to release her from always falling into the same abusive patterns? This is just a taste of the new story I am working on. It is mysterious, it is dark, it is romance and it is metaphysical and visionary. As such it seeks to shed light on why we get stuck and how we can break away from destructive patterns of life. Stay tuned for more.

The Giants of Glorborin

It is here! The third book in the Dragons and Visions series, The Giants of Glorborin, is now available worldwide.

This is a story of fear, faith and flying planets. To know what that means you’ll have to read the book 🙂Cover GoG RGB

Patrick Ferguson (Pat) explores a stone circle known as Adam’s Calendar in South Africa, a mission suggested by the Dragons he encountered in Dragon Song. Pat believes he will discover more hidden powers in his dragon ring. Fearing the unknown Pat hesitates and Bobbie, his babysitter and undisclosed love, takes the ring and tries it herself. She vanishes and finds herself in a strange land where the people are as tall as houses. Meanwhile, Pat, left behind in uncertainty, discovers a mysterious map and a very unusual mirror.

The Giants of Glorborin is a story of faith and the overcoming of fear.

Travel deep into the subconscious world where everything seems possible and into a land of giants where an ancient conflict raises its ugly head.

Available now on Amazon and other distribution points.

Buy the paperback and get the Kindle version for free

Giant cover revealed

It is time to uncover the deliciously designed cover for the third book in the Dragons and Visions series, The Giants of Glorborin. Paulien Bats has done a great job in capturing the essence of the story in a single image. The mix of colours, figures and shapes as well as the title all give it that dangerous, mysterious and exciting look. Here is the blurb of the book:

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#c4e1c2″ border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Patrick Ferguson (Pat) explores a stone circle known as Adam’s Calendar in South Africa, a mission suggested by the Dragons he encountered in Dragon Song. Pat believes he will discover more hidden powers in his dragon ring. Fearing the unknown Pat hesitates and Bobbie, his babysitter and undisclosed love, takes the ring and tries it herself. She vanishes and finds herself in a strange land where the people are as tall as houses. Meanwhile, Pat, left behind in uncertainty, discovers a mysterious map and a very unusual mirror. The Giants of Glorborin is a story of faith and the overcoming of fear. Travel deep into the subconscious world where everything seems possible and into a land of giants where an ancient conflict raises its ugly head.[/dropshadowbox]


And here is the full back and front cover:

[foogallery id=”669″]


Let me know what you think? Do you find the blurb enticing? The book is due to be released before Christmas. If you want to be notified when that happens then sign up for the newsletter. Have you read Pursuit or Dragon Song? Leave your comments below if you have. I’m excited to hear your reactions to this new cover too.


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