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Paradigms – Life’s Railroad

A paradigm can save your skin or drive you over the edge of insanity. We all have them. We all live by them. Even when you never heard of them before. Paradigm is defined as: a typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model. "society's paradigm of the ‘ideal woman’" a world view underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific subject. "the discovery of universal gravitation became the paradigm of successful science" Paradigms are patterns or standards. Those which I am thinking of are the patterns of thought, of habit which accompany us though life. Paradigms…

Beaghmore Stone Circles in Northern Ireland

Growing up in Northern Ireland in the city of Belfast I never knew we had stone circle formations until recently. During a recent visit and looking for somewhere to go our son pointed out these stone circles on a map near Cookstown. I had never been to Cookstown either so we decided to visit. Cookstown is situated on the West of Lough Neagh, a large inland lake around which are the six counties of Northern Ireland. Any trips we made from Belfast took us either North to Portrush, south to Newcastle, East to Bangor or West to Enniskillen. All of these…

Tick Tock Tear

The following is my result from an exercise at a workshop on dialogue at the Geneva Writer's Group. A teenage daughter comes home at 3 a.m. and the father is waiting. Here I experimented with both direct and hidden dialogue.   "It's three in the morning." I wore my big watch, her big clock, with the loud tick, on the table. "Oh hi Dad. Thanks, I had a good time." I rose to embrace. She pulled away. "Dog's sniff." Our eyes met. She shrugged a wince and yawned, pointing to her room's door. I moved in again. "No sniffing," I…

An iPhone and Positive Thinking

Currently vacationing in Jakarta, Indonesia, I had a positive experience yesterday after leaving my iPhone behind in a Bluebird Taxi. What are the chances of finding your phone when left in a taxi? Yesterday my wife and I travelled in a Bluebird taxi to the popular Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall. In the process of switching cables from a booster-battery between phones and paying the driver I got out of the taxi, leaving my phone on the back seat. Three girls wearing Hijab headdress immediately got into the taxi which drove off. Inside the mall is a security scanner. When I…

Lost in the Alps

Well I wasn’t exactly lost, just a little disorientated. And it wasn’t exactly the Alps, but close. This is a story of being human. It all began when I went across the street from where I live in Chur, Switzerland, to the Post Bus station. I was wanting to get a bus to Trin to get my haircut. Sure there were closer hairdressers, but this one was special. Cavels is run by Carmen, who is the sister on my son Dan’s girlfriend, Nina. Her hair studio was designed and fitted out with the interior design expertise of Dan and Nina.…

Is there really good and evil?

Featured image: Today I saw a post by someone stating that if you believe in things spiritual then you must also believe in good versus evil. She was claiming that Satan was out to get her. Let me be quite frank here, I don’t believe in a personal evil entity as portrayed by our religions. People often feel that their lives are under attack. They have days where everything goes wrong. They may be living a life where everywhere they go there is disaster and every relationship they enter ends in a catastrophic breakup. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"][/caption] Many…

“Found Again” is here

I am very proud to release my new novel "Found Again." It is now available on Amazon and soon in many other stores. Look out for it and let me know where you find it. Although romance has found its way into my other novels, none have approached it so closely as this one. Hilda's journey toward her new/old love is one of exciting adventure, danger, doubt and surprise. As you follow her from the dream which sets her on her path of change to an archaeological dig in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, to Paris, London and Morocco, you find yourself…

Who are the Amazigh?

The main character in "Found Again", Hilda, remembers a number of past lives, one of these is as a young Amazigh woman in Morocco centuries ago. The Amazigh are the non-Arab, indigenous people of much of North Africa. They are often referred to as the Berbers, which is a name given by the Romans, meaning much the same as Barbarians, and not a name you should use if you befriend an Amazigh. Who they are Traces of the Amazigh people goes back more than 10,000 years. The name means "free men" and they were initially mixed with the Phoenicians who…

Giving Your Power Away

It is amazing how often we humans give away our personal power to others. We are powerful individual beings and we possess abilities to change the future. So why do many insist in allowing others to make their decisions for them. Habit Habit is the most subtle in power stealing. We go on and on through our days in habitual repetition getting nowhere and we make decisions based on habit. You will eat that cereal because you have always eaten it. You will buy that product because your mother and grandmother always bought it. You go to certain places of…

What are Dreams?

What do you dream about in your sleep? Do you have repeating dreams? Are your dreams pleasant, scary, or just neutral? Have you had anything in your dreams come true afterwards? What are dreams? Our dreams are still quite a mystery to science. Sigmund Freud suggests that they are a window into the sub-conscious mind. Scientists haven't a clue and can only come up with ideas and theories. I don't claim to know the answer either but in my novels you'll find that dreams play a significant role. So here is my take on the subject. My next novel (now…

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