spirituality, ancient history, alien encounters, technology, myths and legends,
human genius and achievement, compassion, holistic health, metaphysics

Metaphysical Adventures

Jim's writing seeks to present metaphysical ideas in an entertaining fashion. His novels are primarily for entertainment, using realistic characters and situations, adding fantasy and circumstances to enhance the reading experience, but always giving his characters the chance to experience some aspect of non-physical reality. His stories are fun, mysterious and adventurous, and the reader may, if she or he so wishes, take something into their own experience.

Pursuit is a timeless, adventurous and philosophical novel about battling the shadows in order to find the inner light and connection to the divine guidance.
I love how the three stories bound by an ancient mysterious book merge together and support each other. All the stories are equally entertaining and lead to the same crucial conclusion, yet each of them also manages to keep its own unique atmosphere. Sometimes, when a story has multiple protagonists, there’s the danger of one overshading the other, but I felt that this book achieved to keep them all equally likeable.

Iva Kenaz
Author of The Witch Within

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